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A few years ago, we would have laughed if they said that they would deliver a 1 USD item from the other end of the world to our door for free in about 2-3 days. Now we are laughing again, but this time we have that 1 USD package. :)

This globalization of world trade brings risks along with many opportunities, Now every product is available , every price can be compared, but the working system of every country is not the same!   So everything is very easy, but when you miss important details, things can get more difficult than you expected.  

While dreaming of importing products from abroad at an affordable cost, the customs taxes added later because the preliminary research could not be done well, the cost of the materials paid to the supplier that had to be abandoned to the customs because the labels or documents were not correct, the materials that were preferred because they were low cost-oriented but could not be found again. suppliers and many more ... There are surely real life stories like this that you have heard around you.

However; Customs laws affected by policies between countries, directives updated according to changing world standards, revisions in the customs law, points to be considered in the import of CE marked products, difficulties in imports from China, the country where the whole world shifts its production, what are the banned imported products, according to GTIP codes Issues that we frequently encounter in daily life such as documents and information requested in the import of the classified products, problems caused by the shipper that import is an operation that requires expertise and must be followed meticulously. once again reminds you.

Import operation; Within the framework of importance and urgency, it contains many variables such as product requirements, standards, payment terms, document contents, packaging requirements, transportation choices, tax exemptions, and all of them must proceed in a synchronized controlled manner so that your business will not be interrupted . At this point   EASY IMPORT   It steps in and offers a smoothly progressing import service with its foreign trade knowledge and experienced staff.

As KOLAY IMPORT , we provide consultancy services to our customers who will start new imports or who are currently importing, to manage their import processes smoothly with less cost, or to our customers who want to continue the import process within their own organization to improve their processes.


EASY IMPORT was founded by Çiçek Göksu Güreşin , who has been working in this sector since 2005 and has foreign trade experience, with an understanding that SMEs should be supported in foreign trade.

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Cicek Goksu
Cicek Goksu Wrestle

He started his working life in 2001 as a Sales in a project contracting firm. She moved to the IT industry and worked in Microsoft product sales roles. He completed his higher education, which he continued while continuing his working life, by graduating from the Department of Economics in 2003. He received Total Quality Management and Internal Auditor training in 2004. He completed the ISO 9001 system installation of the company where he worked as a Quality Manager in the medical sector and took an active role in the certification phase. He worked in the management of Administrative Affairs, Finance and Foreign Trade & Purchasing departments in the companies he has worked since the establishment phase in 2005 and after. He completed his Master of Business Administration in 2009. He prepared his master thesis on " The Investment Decision Making Process in SMEs and the Basic Factors Affecting This Process ".

For the last 13 years, he has been managing the supply and logistics chain of different products from Europe and Far East regions in foreign trade. To increase the benefits they can provide to the economically stronger economies and SMEs in Turkey's opening to overseas markets, believes in global competition and must no longer think of SMEs should be supported in this regard.

18-year working life, with the gained knowledge and experience related to the idea of providing SMEs contribution to SMEs in Turkey has implemented as Advisor Accredited Kobi. It provides services in Foreign Trade Operations Management , Inward Processing Regime and Import / Export , Investment Incentive Certificate, Government support and grants . He is a member of the Accredited SME Consultants Association and voluntarily takes part in association projects.

He believes that the Foreign Trade Operation process requires attention, care, patience, discipline and knowledge about fine details, and that this aspect keeps people fit. He thinks that doing his job with a happy and smiling face also makes things easier. :)

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