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Individual Group Import

Determine the product you want to import and fill out our form
Let's find the product you are looking for, or if your supplier is specific, let's contact us for its import and we follow the whole process.
If you wish, let's create a group by bringing together those who want to buy the same product as you. Thus, your import costs will be reduced and your money will be in your pocket.
Let us deliver your product to you without worrying about whether your product is on the way, will it be attached to customs, or will it cost too much.
Enjoy your product without getting tired and without surprises.

Do you have products you need, and you can not find in Turkey? So you are looking at the right website right now. :) EASY   IMPORT searches and imports the products you want to bring from abroad or contacts the supplier you find, and carries out the import process on your behalf, such as taking the package / loading / customs clearance.

The most common issue in individual import is that you have to give up as a result of the import cost of a product you like from abroad that is too high or it is attached to the customs due to its customs value. However, if there are people who want to buy the same product as you, the import cost per individual will be significantly reduced. If you want, you can open a forum here, find those who want to bring the same product, or you can create your own EASY   You can get group import service from IMPORT.

When you create a joint import file with people who want to buy the same product instead of single import, the import costs you have to bear will be significantly reduced. Some kind of teamwork .. ;-)

If you want to get service from our company for the product you intend to import, apply   We ask you to fill in the form. *

* Product research and supplier finding service is not included in the import consultancy fee. If you want to get service from our company in this regard, you can contact our company in order to initiate the "Product and Supplier Preliminary Research" process.

Individual Import Consultancy & Operation

We do product, price and supplier research and report the results.

We determine the most suitable option with our customer and provide samples when necessary.

Following the finalization of the supplier, product technical specifications, price and quantity, we start the overseas order phase.

We manage all telephone and correspondence traffic with abroad and inform our customers about every stage.

We prepare and control the necessary documents for the smooth progress of imports, and we prevent surprises during the customs phase.

We Reduce Your Workload & Costs

If we do want Turkey customs clearance through our customs brokers or advisors we work your

Complete customs clearance of cargo reaching Turkey, we make the delivery of materials to the customer warehouse

Supplier, product research, price negotiation, order quality control for Chinese imports *
(* factory site with photos and video) we do

We provide consultancy services to our customers who import products within the scope of inward processing regime and want to benefit from government support.

We reduce your fixed expenses with the most suitable payment terms for your company, and provide price advantage depending on the density of your import volume.

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